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Latest Version v5.3.1
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The works or drawings use CAD format for experts to analyze or apply to many different construction fields. A CAD drawing is a detailed 2D or 3D illustration displaying an engineering or architectural project’s components. The computer-aided design utilizes software to create drawings to be used throughout a design project, from conceptual design to construction or assembly. The most used and widely used application for reading or analyzing those particular file types is AutoCAD, developed by Autodesk Inc., and it helps people easily work with all kinds of CAD files anytime, anywhere.


AutoCAD is a cross-platform application, and it will have many limitations when used on mobile platforms. However, with a flexible and neat interface, the application can easily give users the best user experience working with CAD drawings. Moreover, users can replace finger gestures for tools and use them flexibly and instantly, with less reliance on the toolbar and more time saver. Many think working with drawings will require versatile and precise tools, but with this impressive application, everything becomes simpler and more flexible than ever. Besides, users can easily copy and paste existing drawings, thereby editing or converting some details.


Many people still think AutoCAD is an application that can only “view” but cannot directly edit or create CAD drawings, Well they are wrong because the application is programmed for users to create CAD drawings with absolute flexibility and draw anytime, anywhere even on the go. All of the application’s tools are developed with AI’s help to be automatically edited and help the user fill the holes. Furthermore, many special tools specializing in drawing or design will be fully introduced, and users can easily create 3D or 2D drawings. User interaction with all the tools is an important factor that makes AutoCAD popular and continually improves for the best performance possible.


A professional drawing will use many different layers to manage and change if problems arise. AutoCAD is programmed to provide the user with absolute comfort, and users can easily manage all the available layers in the project. Basic features like rename, move, hide, show, and remove appear on each layer. Users can even edit all details without worrying about affecting the entire work or other layers. The flexibility and usefulness of layers are essential for those who specialize in 3D buildings, as it needs many different perspectives or colors to identify every detail.


If users frequently use commands to build drawings, AutoCAD has more reasons to become a dedicated application. The app has functions that allow the user to enter a special CDA code through a special interface and use its flexible keyboard. The code will be supported with an intelligent AI, which helps users identify mistakes and sketch in real-time. The application is perfectly optimized on all media, and users can easily insert important information in each statement for a perfect drawing. Users can freely interact with the command the way they want, even copy from other sources, and change the perfect drawing structure.


CAD drawings are categorized into several variations, and users can work with other 3D drawings right on their device. The application will assist the user in various tools and features and give them absolute precision on each stroke or line length. Users can insert numbers into the system and let the AI ​​handle everything. For 3D drawings, users will be using a live camera to observe every angle and easily change shapes or lightning with simple gestures. The application will support the user with diverse shapes, and they often bring many basic results for users to enjoy customizing them.

Buildings or drawings created with CAD format are considered special formats, and only AutoCAD can adapt and help users interact with them. Moreover, users can change the project’s format, export them to a specified location, and even share them directly to a specific location conveniently. The application’s sheer flexibility and accuracy are not inferior to the PC platform. Users can take advantage of the app’s account sync feature for convenient work storage and cross-platform work.

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