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Since the Unnie doll and Oppa doll have been released, a chibi drawing movement by the app has become a trend that the young people responded enthusiastically. Developer 0.1% could not imagine that their unique idea was so popular. Sometime later, an application with the same idea was developed and the unification of the Unnie doll and Oppa doll. That is Dollify. From now on, you can create male and female Chibi characters right on this app, instead of having to download both apps from 0.1% publisher. So what have Dollify? Does this app offer a variety of templates? And how do users rate it? We will find out in the next part of the article.

Create the first Chibi character

If you have used the Chibi creator application such as the Unnie doll and Oppa doll, you will probably soon become familiar with the app’s working interface. First, you need to choose the gender for your character. After that, the toolbar will appear at the bottom of the screen. Here, you will choose other parts to beautify your character: eyes, nose, hairstyle, eyelashes, lips, face shape: oval, long, square, round, heart. .. and choose clothes to complete. However, do you find your character a bit monotonous because the color of the parts you just added is not natural and harmonious? The solution to this problem is to use a color changer. To be able to change color for any part, you just need to select the corresponding part. Immediately afterward, a colorful circle appeared in the right corner of the screen. You just need to touch it and choose the colors that you feel the best fit. Your character will become more brilliant and more soulful!

Express personal style

Are you a fan of HipHop style? Are you an aestheticist of feminine girls? Or is your beauty a polite person in a luxury suite? With Dollify you can comfortably design any style you want. If you like polite fashion, choose a neat, black hairstyle, big eyes with glasses and a luxurious vest. If you love the style of the individual girls, you can refer to the short blond hair model, wearing a basketball shirt and big blue eyes. All designs depend on you. The system has no chibi characters available for your reference but only provides you with the necessary parts to create the most perfect character. You just have to choose to try, if you feel inappropriate, you can choose other models part quickly.

Every time you finish creating a character. You can name the character and save the character in the application, or save it to your personal library. Feel free to express your personal style or your favorite fashion styles to create a collection of the most adorable Chibi characters.

Dollify Premium

Besides hundreds of free eye, nose, lip, hair and clothing parts. Dollify also provides high-end parts for you to create more beautiful characters. At the same time, you can save unlimited characters and unlock high-end costumes. However, this app requires you to create an account and pay a fee to become an official member and you don’t want this? We have unlocked all items in the Premium version and you can use it for free.

Connect and share

Dollify allows you to connect to social network accounts such as Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, … You can connect with your friends on this app or share your Chibi characters online society quickly. For some other applications, image quality may be degraded, but with Dollify you can be assured of this.

Besides sharing Chibi characters with friends and showing off your own personality, you can use these characters to be a representative image of popular social networks like I introduced above. The frame of the saved image is 3: 4 in size, perfectly fit and quite compact in size for you to upload quickly, which consumes less data.

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