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Today’s young people are always creative and often create fascinating photography or video recording movements, bringing viewers impressive and engaging videos. However, just with creativity is not enough. They will need professional applications to shorten their work and stimulate their ability to work. This article will introduce, GoCut – Glowing Video Editor that helps users create videos with colorful and gorgeous neon borders. The app is integrated with many AIs, making the user’s work more efficient and creating impressive photos or videos with a neon or glitch effect theme.


GoCut is an application developed in the youth market, where enthusiastic and energetic people continuously create the most impressive works. Thus, the application will have a flexible and dynamic interface suitable for the youth’s excitement, bright colors, and neat design. Furthermore, the app’s layout is user-friendly, and users can easily access all the app’s features with simple gestures. The quintessence and impression coming from the application’s interface give users the best user experience. Users can even personalize the interface by changing the colors, designing, and customizing the interface to suit their usage style.


The main contents are all Neon-style, glitch, and many other retro-elements that users can use for photos or videos. What’s impressive is that the effects are versatile and customized according to the user’s preferences. A robust set of tools will help users create personalized effects, and users can draw and create the most vivid neon lines in real-time. All app content is freely customizable, and more that acts based on the user’s movements. That gives the user absolute flexibility and the best user experience for a professional editing application.


The editor tool of GoCut adapts to all photo or video formats, giving users vivid interaction and saving time converting between each format. The photo editing mechanism is simple and user-friendly and comes with simple tools for basic editing users. This is followed by a series of image and color-changing features, helping users prepare the appropriate materials to start adding neon. A video editor is absolute, and users can enjoy exploring its full potential with the user-friendly toolkit. Users can easily edit segmentally, draw directly into the video, and use various visual effects to make the video impressive and creative.


Effects and stickers are always widely loved by young people, as they always want to stand out in different styles. The application will introduce a huge sticker library for users to explore, and they will come with many different styles for users to become more creative. Besides stickers, transition effects are the focus of the application, and they are often used in videos to stimulate the viewer’s feelings. The transition effects come in many different styles, and users can customize them for a wider range. The application’s content is creative and interactive, allowing users to work with higher performance compared to other applications.


It is not just a neon-style photo or video editing app, but it also allows users to insert music and adjust it to sync with the video. GoCut music library is all popular songs globally, and they all come in many different styles or genres. Users will be supported with friendly filters, which help them insert their favorite songs into their videos. Users can also import audio from outside and use them for the video to create a masterpiece. According to the music, users can directly edit with music running in the background for greater accuracy and easily adjust the video’s tempo.


GoCut will introduce multi-layer editing, efficiency, and convenience, helping users work and edit jobs more efficiently. Each layer allows the user to insert an effect, detail, and other elements. From there, users can arrange the order of layers or move and edit according to their preferences. Layers give the user many benefits when editing photos and videos, and they automatically save all changes for a more impressive user experience.

Young people and creative enthusiasts often turn to GoCut for its capabilities, which comes with a massive library of content like colors, filters, and other elements. If you are looking for a professional editing application commonly used to add neon or glitch effects, GoCut will be a perfect choice.

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