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I know for sure that many of you regularly watch hit movies on TV. As far as I know, most of these blockbusters are shown on popular channels, including Fox Movies, STARZ, and some other popular TV channels. And HBO is a top-rated channel that you cannot ignore because it always gives you a lot of exciting movies that have been shown in theatres. However, perhaps you are just like me, we are all busy people and do not have much time to spend sitting in front of the TV screen for entertainment.

Enjoy your favorite HBO original

Almost every time I sit in front of the TV, I only focus on the big screen and can’t really do much else. Not only that, but the programs on this channel also cannot be played back if you do not use SmartTV. Of course, to face this problem, I had another solution for you and even me, which is to download HBO GO to my phone instead of sitting in front of the TV screen. Developed by HBO, this is one of the beneficial applications that I think you’ll need if you want to enjoy great movies anywhere, and at any time.

Hundreds of free TV channels

It can be said that using this application is not the same as watching HBO channels on TV, which you need to sign a contract with companies that provide cable TV, or satellite TV. Because basically, your smartphone only needs to be connected to the internet to use all the features that this application brings. The developer of HBO GO has designed this app with lots of other features that you might like. In this application, the movies that have been shown on HBO will be reposted so that you can easily find your favorite movies. Each film has its own genre to better suit the tastes of many users, and the developer of this app will categorize them into different categories according to this genre.


This interface design is very similar to most other movie applications you can search on your phone. And I don’t complain about how to design apps like this, because it gives me a lot of convenience and ease of use. Besides, this application also categorizes new types of movies and puts them on the top so you can enjoy good movies that you have never seen before. On the other hand, this app also introduces you to the content and genre of some upcoming movies on HBO channel. There are many new movies updated continuously by the developer, and that’s why I think you will not be disappointed when using this app as your main entertainment app on your phone. In addition, if your smartphone is connected to the internet with high connection speed, you can watch the content of the movie being streamed on the TV directly. With the streaming feature that the developer has built-in this app, you will be able to watch content played on TV with almost the same speed. Just by accessing this feature, you can watch movies just like when you were sitting in front of a TV screen.

This usage of HBO GO has many similarities with other movie applications. So you can quickly get used to this application, and if you have questions about any issue, just a look through the user guide can understand everything about this application.


For me, HBO GO is not only attractive because of its easy-to-use interface, but it also impresses me by bringing many unique features.

In my opinion, the enjoyment of you to enjoy many movies with high quality is a privilege that any user should enjoy. And the fact that this app gives you lots of compelling film with high quality is the plus point of this application. The reason why the movies on this application are of high quality is that they are all legally licensed. As I mentioned, the app’s ability to update new film is excellent, so I’m sure you’ll be delighted with what this app has to offer.

In addition to watching movies on your phone, you can also log in to this app’s account on devices with larger screens, such as tablets. , TV, gaming device or on a computer at With this feature, you can enjoy all the films you love or watch the movies you are currently unfinished watching.

So you are interested in what this application brings? In my opinion, HBO GO is an application that you should have on your phone if you want to enjoy high-quality movies.

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