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App Name Inkredible MOD
Genre Productivity
Size 50M
Latest Version v2.7.2
MOD Info PRO/Unlocked/MOD
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INKredible creates an excellent opportunity for people who like handwriting. Users are allowed to handwrite on the screen and turn it into beautiful notes.

Paper and pen are the two greatest human inventions, and they have been invented since time immemorial, and there are even many variations besides paper. The use of paper and pen is to record everything of humans, such as knowledge, history, events, or anything. As long as there are paper and pen, everything will be handed down to the next generation, even widely distributed around the world. Furthermore, paper and pens are seen as essential tools for smart devices and have also become a frequently used application. One such application is INKredible, a simple writing tool with many attractive features for users to take notes of important things, even apply in-class sessions conveniently.


INKredible is one of the most useful tools that allow users to record by hand everything they want, even by drawing, because it is like a blank sheet of paper, and the user is the pen. Because of that, the application has a simple interface and has specially designed for the user to record everything once accessing the application. Plus, it puts the tools in one place and even has a feature list that can be expanded at any time. Of course, the app will also allow users to customize the interface, as well as change the paper type for a better writing experience.


INKredible will help users record everything they like, even users will be supported with many special tools to help them adjust their handwriting. It works like a regular notebook, and the user can use one finger as a pen to take notes. The application also allows users to customize the size of the writer, so users will have more space to write. What’s more interesting is that with simple actions, the user can turn it into a smart notebook. Like using two fingers on a specific line of text, the user can freely move them anywhere. Therefore, users do not need to worry about art while taking notes, and the application will even surprise users with its endless support features.


If a user wants to have a perfect transcript, they need the best tools for perfect handwriting and size. Therefore, the application will bring users many different types of pens, each type has its characteristics, and they will make the user’s writing more stylish. If the user has smartpens, their handwriting will be better than ever thanks to the precision and comfort that those pens bring. Moreover, the user can also perform the undo command to erase corrupted text, even have a history of recording the user’s handwriting. The application will assist users with a built-in AI capable of correcting the user’s text with the highest degree of accuracy, as well as making all written words stable. Users can also change the color of ink, making their writings even more impressive.


The device’s touch screen will automatically recognize the user’s hand when they lean on to write. It is also a common practice to take note of something. Because of the inconvenience that the user’s palms, the app will have a special feature that only identifies fingerprint and stylus. With that feature, users will not need to worry about their hands ruining the note-taking process, even bringing the most refreshing and happy writing feelings for users. It is also the feature that makes “INKredible” stand out, and become one of the most trusted tools.


In a student’s life, we often borrow notebooks from our friends and take pictures of them. But with this application, users can export an entire page, even a separate folder, to others. Users can also freely export any pages, even manipulate them in various ways. Everything behaves similarly to an image captured from the user’s page. Besides, users will be provided with a folder containing all the data that users record. Even if the home screen is a blank page, but the application will still help users save everything like a normal notebook.

When it comes to paper and pen for mobile devices, then surely INKcredible will be ranked first because of its features and convenience to the user. Moreover, it also has many attractive features for users to feel comfortable writing like using a real notebook, even with many different types of pens to make their writing more stylish.

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