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App Name Jotterpad MOD
Genre Productivity
Size 15M
Latest Version v13.0.11-pi
MOD Info PRO/Unlocked/MOD
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The world we live in has a modern and evolving civilization, and so is our writing. From writing in the sand on the rock to leaves and sticks, pens and paper, and typing with the keyboard, many people have opted for smartphones until now. And this era is the era of writing when typing is much easier and faster than traditional writing. Especially for those exposed to many words such as a novelist, blogger, or screenwriter, the completion of a document quickly, correctly, and beautiful is essential. With JotterPad – Writer, Screenplay, Novel, you can make your writing process streamlined, fluent, flexible, and personalized according to your own style.


Writing in syntax comes in handy as it allows you to format your work while also avoiding the boredom of constantly clicking and highlighting. However, this might not be very intuitive. What’s more, the syntax doesn’t let you see your text’s result. With JotterPad, you can get the most out of both worlds. You can write in the syntax and see the final version of the work you have written right away while it’s worth editing. Primarily, you can write as you want and then click to format the text wherever you need it. You can instantly convert your work into rich text or professional, industry-accepted open formats. So the app allows you to write any way you want, assisting you in creating the most beautiful, complete work.


JotterPad offers automatic sync and offline capabilities. It syncs all your files across Google Drive, Dropbox, and Microsoft OneDrive and all devices, like iOS, Mac, Android, and Web. With this sync, you can write, create text or continue your work anywhere, anytime, even when you’re offline or using a web application. The app will then sync all your resources with iCloud once you’re back online. This gives you a great experience while composing your work; you will not have to fear that your work will not be saved or the text will be unfinished without an internet connection. As long as an electronic device and application have been downloaded to your device, you can type and create your work at any time.


JotterPad allows you to upload your text anywhere when you’re ready automatically. You can post to Ghost, WordPress, and Tumblr as draft or published posts while keeping the complete work without clutter or text change like other text writers. Everything in the posted text will remain the same as it would in the application’s writer. Are you a fan of sharing your work on social media forums? Or show it off to relatives? Or support your work without messing with your text? Now you can post it anywhere for any purpose without worry.


Like any other text editor, but this is the best app you should have. It’s the only special-purpose writing assistant you’ll ever need. The app allows you to create rich texts instantly, let your ideas be expressed as freely as possible and create a work of your own style. As a person who always works with letters and is a fastidious, meticulous person at work, you can not ignore this application. You can also search for word definitions, synonyms, and antonyms from the app’s built-in dictionary and synonyms. This dictionary will help you find out which words to use, make your text more interesting, or find a good word when stuck. Using the app’s readability checker will remove the clutter and make your writing clearer and more concise.

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