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KineMaster Diamond (MOD, Premium/No Watermark) is an application that helps you create many impressive videos with various features and convenient product storage.

Video and media editing tools are widely loved for their amazing and magical capabilities. Many people can even make the impossible possible, deceive the viewer, and give viewers the most amazing visual experiences. Thus, media editing tools are always what let people unleash their creative entertainment, turn their fantasy into reality, and allow them to reach the world through video.

This article will introduce a versatile and widely loved media editing tool on the Android platform, KineMaster Diamond, a great friend, with many attractive abilities to quickly progress your work. Its reliability and versatility are outstanding, making it easy to edit videos, photos, and audio. If you think video editing can only be perfect on the PC platform, you underestimate the application, as its capabilities exceed all imagination and give users many great results.


KineMaster Diamond is a smart and convenient video editor with many modern features that make it difficult to master. However, it possesses a user-friendly and detailed interface, making users familiar with all the tool’s necessary features, functions, and locations. Furthermore, the application interface will accompany users throughout the entire time of use, ensuring they easily interact with all features. Users can personalize the interface, like the main layout, theme, and colors, making it a tool for themselves, and have a great user experience.


KineMaster Diamond’s editing capabilities go beyond any user’s imagination and creativity, and users can even directly edit photos right within a segment of the video. Users will also get one wheel tools, an impressive and convenient function, giving users access to four main categories of the entire tool and expanding more than hundreds of other small tools. Furthermore, it can be moved around the screen, ensuring flexibility and providing essential tooling support for users anytime, anywhere.


KineMaster Diamond is a complete upgrade that gives users useful features and is compatible with almost all media formats. That helps users to work more efficiently and save time converting file formats through third-party software. Furthermore, users will be supported by a file manager, and it will help users organize folders and work contents. Not only that, but users can adjust and locate the location of the folders containing the media formats and can automatically convert them to a homogeneous format.


KineMaster Diamond will assist the user with multiple layers to make the work more convenient, and they bring many useful uses to make the video more amazing than ever. Everyone wants to create multiple layers on a video, and each layer can hold multiple settings at once, making it easy for users to edit excess details. Moreover, users can even create layers within layers, and the application will have no layer limit for users. From there, users can add videos, photos, audio, and other media to the workflow, overlapping each other for a completely different result. The use of layers is great and effective for professional editors, as it integrates many useful features and makes editing simpler.


Transitions and images are always essential elements to give viewers new impressions. The application will support hundreds of different effects, all for free and with no restrictions to use. Not only effects, but users can apply filters to each necessary segment, and the application will ensure convenience and flexibility with each user’s options. The most prominent factor is the transition effects, and it is the right choice to create music videos.


A video cannot easily be created in a short time, and working on the Android platform will take longer than expected. Therefore, KineMaster Diamond will support the work save / load feature, and it will save all settings and layers of a video in a special format. After completing the work, users can share those videos in a completely different format. Of course, the application will support the optional export quality feature, allowing users to share high-quality videos with optimized capacity.

KineMaster Diamond is an excellent video editing tool that, thanks to its flexible features and interface, ensures users easily create videos like a professional. If you regularly work with or edit videos, this app would be a perfect addition to your device, as it was free and comes with great support.

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