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Editing videos or manipulating them takes a lot of knowledge, or be very careful if users want to create unique and mesmerizing works. There are countless video editors on the market, but a few of them show their professionalism or provide users with the necessary facilities and tools. If you are looking for a flexible and convenient editor in manipulating videos, Movavi Clips will be the right application. It is designed to give users all the quintessence of video editors while at the same time making everything user-friendly to give users the best user experience.


Movavi Clips is designed with the most flexible and user-friendly interaction to customize its interface and functions freely. The application has a powerful video editor, where users can enjoy cutting and adjusting the length of all videos. Not only that, but the main tool of the application is cut, but it is versatile, and users can discover a multitude of benefits from it. The application’s support functions will improve the user’s editing performance, and several features will help the user to handle the cut video correctly. All of the application’s necessary editing tools or features are customizable, and users can become more creative when they discover their true functionality.


Most other video editors are amateurs and focus on only one feature, while Movavi Clips uses a function to give users countless impressive results. In particular, users can use the cut function to merge more than two or more videos simultaneously, as long as they have available documents to complete the merging process. The transplant mechanism can insert many impressive transitions, and the app will come with many features that make the transition more impressive than ever.


Users can even draw into scenes directly, even while the video is being played. That makes users more creative and comfortable to add a wealth of content to make the lines or content of the video impressive. Not only painting by hand, but users can overlap two videos at once by using special features to change the video structure. The drawing tool can be widely customized, like changing the nib, its side effects, and its overall color scheme. All drawing tools are perfectly refined to help users become more creative to give people the most overwhelming works.


Multi-layer editing is now widely popular for the functionality and performance it brings to users during editing. Users can create countless different layers for each project. Each layer can save completely different statuses, and even the layers cannot interfere with each other to preserve the user’s work. Conversely, users can overlap layers, drop shadows, and create borders for each frame, showing the impression and possibilities from multi-layer editing. In other words, multi-layer is the perfect tool for video editing enthusiasts and gives them a better user experience when working with videos.


Nowadays, visual effects and emotes are always one of the essentials when editing videos or photos. All effects of Movavi Clips are animated and can be repeated endlessly in a certain sequence and can even make images per frame improved and become more vivid. The effects library can be stretched endlessly and has a wealth of content for users to explore, and they can all be easily customized to adapt to each layer of the user’s work. The application will also have lovely emotes, with loads of free content for users to enjoy using in every video frame.


Movavi Clips will add background music insertion for everyone, helping them create a new atmosphere for each video and improving the experience they bring to users. Users can use the music content available in the application library, and all of them are free, with many attractive customization features for users. Furthermore, while editing, users can play the music in the background for more precise editing and for the frames to match the song’s melody. Depending on the user’s creativity, they will discover the most effective editing audio methods for each video.

Movavi Clips is a professional video editor and has many user-friendly features. While it uses a cut function for editing, its capabilities far exceed expectations and give users a host of ideas for perfect editing their videos.

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