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App Name Sim Blocker & Call Blocker MOD
Genre Communication
Size 6M
Latest Version v2.6.0
MOD Info PRO/Unlocked/MOD
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Every day, we often receive many anonymous phone calls, and they will talk about some problems. If once or twice, these calls can be patient to turn them off, but if too many, then that’s another story. Strange phone numbers have spammed many people for a day, and that is extremely annoying. This job can affect a lot of people’s emotions, especially those who are having essential things. How, then, can this end? If you want to terminate them, you can only use the application SIM-Blocker & Call-Blocker – the application used to block anonymous calls.


After you have downloaded and installed the application on the user’s device, you need to launch it to start the work. Users need to launch the application and choose any number to add it to the blacklist to work. With that done, the application will take over the rest, and the user doesn’t need to do anything. The application will be a tool to manage both incoming and outgoing calls of users. So the app will make sure that the calls added to the blacklist won’t reach you. But before the application can do that, the user needs to give the application some permissions to work. Indeed, many people worry that it can listen to the user’s chats if the app is authorized. Maybe that will be true for some apps but for this one doesn’t, the app can guarantee it. Before appearing in the store, the app has been thoroughly tested to ensure the safety of users. Users can feel secure when using the application to block unwanted calls.

Block on both SIMs

Today’s Android devices can use both SIMs to be able to communicate with multiple objects. But similar apps on the market can block a single SIM, and the other will still be. If the user wants to block both, they need to do the same operation twice to finish. But for this application, you only need one time because the application will work on both sims. When the user blocks one SIM, the app will automatically block the other SIM to ensure that it will not be disturbed. Although there are many applications on the market, only a few can only provide this feature.

Plan to block

There are susceptible times, and even a small sound coming from the phone can destroy all user attempts, such as participating in a contest. Before that, users would typically turn off the mobile device, but there will be times when you forget, so the application is ready to help you. The application has a scheduled block feature that the user has previously installed not to be forgotten. For example, Monday from 7 am to 10 am, you have a contest to enter the university that you want wet. The user can set precisely that time, and when the time comes, the app will automatically block all incoming calls.

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