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Size 5M
Latest Version v1.30.0
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Many people always use many effective methods to build their plans completely and start from the smallest to achieve great success in daily life. Therefore, they will use different diagrams to elaborate their plans in full detail. Furthermore, those maps can be used at work, making it easier to analyze concepts and the smallest things to convey content. If you need an app that helps you organize your thoughts or plans, SimpleMind Pro is what you need and the application covered in this article. It also comes with many attractive benefits and received many positive reviews for the capabilities it brings to users.


First, we will start with the interface, which SimpleMind is most proud of and ready to provide users with the most comfortable using experience. Its main use is to help the user organize thoughts and plans orderly or according to existing frameworks. Therefore, its interface is flexible and interactive. Users can directly design different mind patterns while simultaneously changing colors, fonts, and many other elements according to their preferences according to each person’s preferences. Furthermore, the user can use it in vertical and horizontal modes, depending on the job requirements and the model’s size. Designing a planned system can present many obstacles, but everything is simple and easy to overcome thanks to the user-friendly interface of the application.


For those who have massive plans and need tools, SimpleMind becomes more useful and convenient. The first function that it wants to introduce to the user is designing and creating a series of different charts. The user will start with the biggest things and gradually break them down into many different sub-branches, ưhich make the app prove to be more useful. If the user has different goals, they can start with small steps, build many ideas, organize them, and finally produce results, regardless of how they will have suitable designs. With this application, the construction of planner charts becomes more useful and easy than before.


If the user loves art and wants the chart to stand out more, they can use the drawing feature to add icons directly or design mini effects by themselves. The application allows users to design and customize the chart according to each person’s style, showing flexibility and focus on user care. The app can vastly and endlessly evolve the custom design element, and users can find many things to entertain and improve the beauty of their designs. It even automatically corrects the lines or effects that appear on the design panel’s main ideas, helping users remove everything and keep the planner’s beauty perfectly.


Each user’s design style is different, affecting the work’s general design or other factors so that SimpleMind will provide them with flexible interaction in a custom design table. First, the user can change the shape of the bubbles and the ideas within them. Next is the layout, and users can design it according to how users want them to collapse or expand. Also, it will give users a myriad of different options for designing planners with different styles while also giving users access to a huge custom view to explore and use.


If users think they can use text for all sorts of ideas, then SimpleMind introduces a series of features that allow users to insert media and documents into bubbles. Moreover, the media can be used as a background concrete plan for the entire table and was inserted into the bubble size options. Meanwhile, the documents will have their display, and only when the user directly taps on them will everything be displayed. Each design and function will automatically save as a collapse to help save space, bring a unique beauty to the whole design.


SimpleMind will assist users in exporting all planner or design boards with different quality and resolution. Of course, users can save them in special formats, depending on the job requirements or any other content. Once exported, users can either continue printing or directly sharing them with others, convenient and useful for many users.

Many users worldwide are always looking for useful applications to help them capture, organize, and keep track of all plans as neatly and conveniently as possible. Furthermore, presenting and arranging work in special formats makes it easier for them to analyze or pass on new content to others. If you are looking for such an application, then SimpleMind will be a perfect choice.

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