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If you’re thinking of becoming an artist to draw what you like in your imagination, then come to SketchBook to create everything by drawing. It is a tool to assist users in drawing, so it will have a multitude of different functions to help users make the best drawings. Its ability to work is limitless; the only limit is the imagination of the person. Of course, it also allows users to connect to some other device for a better user experience. This app is a best friend in the process of developing everyone’s drawing ability, download now, and start exploring its features.


SketchBook will have an interface designed delicate, beautiful, and modern with sophisticated motion capabilities. The interface is also neatly designed, simple, ensuring the user always has the best user experience. The interface of the application will continuously change so that users have more space during work, and it also allows users to design the interface according to their style. The home page of the application will be the work of the user, and they are displayed in detail, neat, and perfect for users.

Currently, the application is one of the most favorite drawing tools on the market because it has a multitude of different tools for users to create artworks. Its workflow is endless, and it will give users a variety of different tools for them to work freely without limits. Human imagination is rich, and they can make it come true thanks to their drawing ability. Each set of drawing tools will have more details for users to use, the variety of drawing tools is one of the great features of this application. Drawing tools such as brushes, colors, erasers, or something else commonly found in the art to make a painting look great. Of course, this app also comes with a detailed guide for users to grasp all the functions of the drawing tools.

Different strokes always have a characteristic and always bring a beautiful drawing to the picture. The choice of a reasonable nib will make the art more wonderful, even matching your imagination. Therefore, this application will have a huge nib library for users to choose freely. Each nib is always used in many different fields so that the application will classify each nib for a specific use. Users only need to search for the field that they are drawing, and this application immediately gives the most reasonable nibs when searched. After choosing the nib, the user can choose the color, size, and some other options to create a perfect drawing for the picture. The application will also support users with a detailed color system so that they can adjust the color ratio most accurately.

While drawing, users will encounter some difficulties when making complex strokes, but that is no longer a problem for this application. It will give users many features to adjust the drawing line freely, so users only need to draw, adjust, and complete a frame. User’s drawings can also be changed thanks to the features of this application, so they can freely adjust it at any time to achieve the required level of perfection. Even straight lines require a high degree of performance, and this application will complete it in an instant for users. The support features of this application are endless, and it has many different functions to support the user to get the best effect while drawing.

The view feature allows users to enable or disable broken lines on the drawing screen. These dashed lines can be freely adjusted or blurred. The effect of these dashed lines allows users to get better object sizes, or draw objects of similar proportions. Of course, the view feature also has many different variations for users to use freely. Each variation has a unique effect, and it will give users a lot of different user experiences while drawing or dimensioning.

In addition to those basic features, it also has many other advanced features for users to explore. Advanced features are often harder to use, but the capabilities they provide are perfect and can make a user’s imagination come true. If you are an artist and want to express your imagination, or are a designer who needs an application to delight in designing, SketchBook will be the best choice for you.

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