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App Name Storyz MOD
Genre Photography
Size 20MB
Latest Version v1.1.3
MOD Info PRO/Unlocked/MOD
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StoryZ is an application that helps you turn static images into animated images and use them as videos or GIFs. You will add various effects to the elements in your photo and edit some effects to make your images more eye-catching. In addition, you also have access to vast sources of inspiration, and new trending elements will appear before your eyes. Indeed the application will help you have a unique experience with your photos.


Users can choose the color-changing features that an image editing application like StoryZ can do. Specifically, in this application, users can find two parts, including effects and overlays. Although these two features both bring a whole new color and effect to the image, there is a difference that users can recognize after using it. The effect works similarly to a filter to help correct the color of an image.

With effects, you will see the color of the image change when you choose a new effect, and you will take the time to choose the right color. Sometimes you won’t need to use this feature if the color of the image is already okay. In addition, the overlay will be a little different from the previous feature because it focuses on bringing out dynamic effects like a snow element or a burning flame. It all depends on your creativity to make the image more impressive.


The main feature that StoryZ owns is the ability to turn elements in an image into motion, and two features can do this: using animate or camera fx. As for animate, you will find different features to make an element animate and keep the others in a specific position. For example, if you have an image with clouds and want them to move, you can select the motion feature and orient them to move immediately.

After adding animation to the essentials, you’ll continue to change the viewer’s perspective with the camera fx. Its feature is entirely understandable in that you will change the camera’s movement in a specific direction. You will choose the proper movement yourself so that gradually the viewer can see the different elements and wait to see the final impression in the same image. Therefore, combining all of the above factors can create impressive animations.


Once you’ve completed your edits with StoryZ, you’ll begin the final stage of production in two main formats. You can choose your video or GIF. Each file type has different features and applications. Simultaneously, you also need to adjust some factors, such as the quality of the product that you create. Anyone wants it to be high quality, so most of them will set the slider to 1080p in standard mode.

The material you use is the image, so choosing the duration when exporting the animated images to a video. In addition, when starting to edit, you also need to pay attention to the aspect ratio corresponding to the platform you want to upload. So all the editing steps are interconnected, and you will need to test them closely. The app also gives you a page that keeps you up to date with trending and inspiring animations to edit.

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