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App Name Hobi: Tv Series Tracker MOD
Genre Entertainment
Size 10M
Latest Version v2.1.7
MOD Info PRO/Unlocked/MOD
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Watching movies has always been one of the ways for everyone to have a great time in entertainment. They can spend hours sitting in front of their television or devices to watch hit movies with various episodes. Over time, the number of movies they have watched will increase day by day, and each will have a specific impression on viewers. But in some cases, recalling what you watched or the movie’s progress is completely difficult for many people. To solve this, you can use the Hobi: TV Series Tracker, Trakt Client For TV Shows.


Hobi: TV Series Tracker, Trakt Client For TV Shows is an application that any moviegoer will love when you can mark the progress of watching movies yourself and add to your movie studio. It is necessary for many people as the number of movies is increasing in genre and the amount of time you watch them for a long time. So when you have your library, you will surely be able to find them again quickly, and sometimes you will be able to review them again.

When experiencing this application, users will have some thoughts, such as this application integrates watching movies and storing exciting films simultaneously. But this is entirely not true when the application focuses solely on storing and managing the user’s viewing progress. Therefore, users will not use this application to watch movies but will watch on other platforms and use many ways to store information related to watching movies.

The first job the app can do for you is to store information related to your movies’ progress. The app provides an entirely easy-to-use interface, and you can search quickly. Also, for some hot titles prepared to be released, the app tells you how much time is left until the release date. It also provides a specific date and time that you won’t need to access other sources.


In addition to the storage function, let this app give you access to the hottest movies right now. As you experience the app, you can see multiple tabs divided for different purposes, and one of them is the Trending tab, where many people recommend good movies. It can be seen as a source of updates on new films exciting and fast. Instantly, you can add it to your movie library and experience it later.

This application can ultimately help you manually search for the movies you want to experience, like movie viewing apps. It is beneficial as the number of films increasing and scrolling through the list is entirely impossible. Over time, you will be able to see the app that helps you follow shows on various channels like ABC, Netflix, and many other trusted sources.


Besides the above functions, you will ultimately have access to Trakt, one of the platforms that stores movie progress on many different sources. That comes in handy when you can link an application to another platform to help you optimize your management. Also, this makes perfect sense when you’re not just watching movies on your phone but other platforms like a computer as well. So it makes sense to create a setup between the two platforms.

One of the factors that make up this setup is that Trakt links mainly to different movie viewing platforms, and it is also one of the ways to store the user’s movie viewing information. At the same time, this is completely useful now that you can synchronize the information on the Trakt to Hobi: TV Series Tracker, Trakt Client For TV Shows. This process is completely done and is convenient for those who are using the two platforms.

If you are one of the many users of Trakt and are preparing to use this application, you will need to pay attention to what this setup can do. The synchronization between the two platforms helps you to store more fully. In particular, Trakt has a function that when you watch on a specific platform, the progress will be automatically recorded. In other words, you can synchronize the information obtained on the Trakt to this app quickly with just a few settings.


Hobi: TV Series Tracker, Trakt Client For TV Shows own a specific function but no less helpful and suitable for those who love dramas. It brings an up-to-date moviegoers trend, and you can search for your favorite movies on this app. A new film to be released will be notified to you, and movies that you like can be rediscovered at any time you want.

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