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VideoBuddy is an application that contains all types of media and brings joy to everyone. Initially, it was a website that often emphasized India’s user. But now it has a separate application for Android devices, and people can enjoy high-quality videos, movies, and music for free right on their mobile device. The app will include many different categories for users; it will regularly update new content and will come with some useful features for them. If you are a regular user of many different media, this application will be a perfect choice for you.


It is the home page of this application, and this place will be based on user activity and start recommending related content. Or it will recommend the popular content to users. This feature will make the home page of the application vibrant and interesting as it continually appears different content for users to enjoy.


The application will include many different media, including music. All songs that have appeared on the market will appear here. It is like an individual music player for users. However, its features are still not comparable with the real music players, but it will still give users the best listening experience. Here, users can create many different playlists for themselves, and even some songs have a download function for users to listen to anytime, anywhere.


Videos are a type of media that anyone can post their video on this application. If the user needs, they can use the search feature to select videos with content suitable for themselves. Videos will also be suggested on the home page based on user activity, or videos with related content. This application ensures users can enjoy high-quality videos and have the best user experience while using this app to watch videos.


All movies that have appeared in the world will appear in this application, as long as users want, they can search for favorite movies and enjoy them. All movies will be divided into different categories such as genres, regions, languages, etc., The division into many different categories helps users quickly find the movies that are suitable for themselves. And it will make the movie library more diverse and interesting when it is ready to recommend the best movies to users.

TV Shows

The application will not be the exception of famous TV stations in the world. With this feature, users can enjoy interesting shows or romantic dramas. It will also allow users to subscribe to popular stations so they can follow new content faster. This app will notify users immediately whenever there is a new activity from the stations that the user has subscribed to.

This application will include the above media, which makes it useful and diverse in many different ways. Just install this application, users will be countless different content like movies, TV shows, music in a fascinating way. Even this application will support the feature that allows users to connect to other devices for a better user experience.

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